Official Campaign Website for Gooshy for Ms. Norrath 2010

- The period for voting has concluded. Thank you for any support, and grats to the winners! -

A very special message from Gooshy:

"Hi, I'm Gooshy. I'm not a mean person, I'm really not. I'm one of the gooshiest wizards you'll ever meet. Hell, I'll port you to places you'd never imagine. For a nominal fee of 5 plat.

If I win Ms. Norrath, every Norrathian out there will receive free heals for life (or until you die and have to retrieve your dead corpse), free squeezes of Firiona Vie, and lifetime supply of Minotaur Meat.

How can you pass up such a wonderful opportunity like this?"

Campaign Promises:

  1. I'll kiss your babies
  2. For the men, you'll get complimentary baskets with toilet paper, today's newspaper, and a roll of nickles to throw at your loved ones
  3. For the women, you'll receive an issue of Oprah Magazine, maxi pads, and a box of tissues to go with your smelly tears
  4. And as my final promise, I'll let you touch my butt (She actually said this, I swear!)


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